Top Clima


Structure: laminated wood, quadruple thermal and acoustic perimeter seal, aluminium drip moulding, Maico® hardware.
Glass: standard 4Silverstar+16+4hardened+16+4Silverstar, double black rubber Super Spacer® channel (Ug = 0.4 W/m2 K).
Optional extras: full optional.

Soundproofing: 36 dB
Airtightness: class 4
Luminosity: Luminosity: 70%
Burglar-proof level: level 4

The increase in levels of performance required by the latest construction standards have led to Radici® developing an extremely high performance line of windows.
Top Clima 92 is the window which offers the maximum technological levels of all the Radici® products in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation and safety. This excellent window has been developed to further improve the already optimum characteristics of the 81 mm Euroclima model, being fitted with a sealed glazing unit with dimensions in line with the highest standards for thermal and acoustic insulation and safety.