Smooth lacquered and pantograph doors

Iride lacquered doors line is a very topical issue given the possibility to choose between many processes. The designs achieved using the pantograph are also customisable at the specific request of the customer. Rusticated machining both classic and linear is also largely used. For more modern combinations there are chrome or brass metal inserts.
The photo gallery below shows some examples of doors that we produce.

Structure: Pantograph doors: MDF - medium density water resistant fibre;
Smooth doors: hollow core panel
Standard finishings: Lacquered matt white RAL 9010
Finishings on request: RAL range colours, both glossy and matt
Jamb: R10 / R50 / R90 / R2000F
Architrave: Flat interlocking with flap
Convex interlocking with flap
Openings: Single hinged door
Double hinged door
Sliding on wall
Recessed sliding
Folding (only on mod. P-1 blind)
Glazed hole: Convex glass-restraint planking
Models: Blind series

Glazed series

Modelli e finiture