Eurolux Metal


Structure: laminated wood, quadruple thermal and acoustic perimeter seals, locking-points hardware.
Glass: 4 + 16 + 3/3 low emissivity, argon gas, with aluminium duct. (Ug=1.1 W/m2K).
Options: double-glazing with different features, concealed hardware, with integrated alarm sensor, level 4 burglar-proof hardware.

Soundproofing: 35 dB
Airtightness: Class 4
Luminosity: Light transmission: 78% - Solar factor: 60%
Burglar-proof level: level 2

Eurolux Metal is a window consisting of a load-bearing structure made of laminated wood to ensure good thermal and structural values ​​of the wood to which an aluminium coating that can have various finishes is applied externally. The window can be adapted to different climatic conditions and provides excellent sealing against wind, salt and sun exposure proving to be especially suitable for facilities in marine areas, condominiums or office buildings, with the possibility of having the beauty and warmth of wood internally and the colouring best suited to the aesthetic requirements of the building externally.