Eurolux Line


Structure: laminated wood, quadruple thermal and acoustic perimeter seals, locking-points hardware.
Glass: 4 + 10 + 4 + 12 + 3/3 low emissivity (both sides), argon gas, with Warm Edge® duct. (Ug=0.8 W/m2K).
Options: double-glazing with different features, concealed hardware, with integrated alarm sensor, level 4 burglar-proof hardware.

Soundproofing: 36 dB
Airtightness: class 4
Luminosity: Light transmission: 68% - Solar factor: 46%
Burglar-proof level: level 2

Eurolux Line is a wooden/aluminium window frame with innovative coplanar structure in the design. Extremely modern and stylish, it is designed to meet the needs of customers looking for linear forms. This window is in fact characterised by a door and a coplanar frame and can be produced in various colours and metallic finishes in a contemporary style in perfect harmony to enhance modern housing or office buildings.
From the performance point of view, it meets all the stringent requirements already in the Eurolux Metal window.
Thanks to the double-glazing, its three glasses and the Warm Edge® duct, it meets the highest standards of performance required by Casa Clima®. It is particularly suitable in high-noise areas (for example in the city centre), and wherever good insulation from heat or cold is necessary.