Euroclima staved Entrance Door


The Euroclima staved entrance door has a laminated wood structure characterised by its versatility. It is available in different woods and finishes, proving its suitability for both new constructions and interventions such as renovation or replacement of existing fixtures. The Euroclima staved entrance door is able to satisfy excellent sound, heat insulation standards as well as safety. All models can be customised with craftsmanship at the customer's request or with inserts of other types of glazing, even of the outer ALUFORM® aluminium coating.

Structure: laminated wood, triple thermal and acoustic perimeter seal, multi-point safety lock, thermal break floor threshold.
Glass: 3/3 + 14 + 3/3 low emissivity, argon gas, with aluminium duct.
Staved panelling: the structure of the panelling is composed of two layers of hardwood interspaced by a material with high thermal performance and is built according to the requested model.
Options: double-glazing with different features, with integrated alarm sensor, DCK anti-drill cylinders.

Modelli e finiture