Euroclima old style


Structure: laminated wood, triple thermal and acoustic perimeter seals, wooden water drip, locking-points hardware.
Glass: 4 + 10 + 4 + 12 + 3/3 low emissivity (both sides), argon gas, with Warm Edge® duct. (Ug=0.8 W/m2K).
Options: double-glazing with different features, concealed hardware, with integrated alarm sensor, level 4 burglar-proof hardware.

Soundproofing: 36 dB
Airtightness: class 4
Luminosity: Light transmission: 68% - Solar factor: 46%
Burglar-proof level: level 2

Euroclima Old Style this model is designed to recreate the style of old style windows, therefore the profiles of the frame bear a Baroque type shaping and the water drip is also made of wood so as to confer a more classical nature to the window frame. It is a window with high thermal and acoustic insulation performance for the most demanding requirements in new energy-saving buildings and passive houses. Available in different finishes and essences to adapt to various architectural styles. Thanks to the double-glazing, its three glasses and the Warm Edge® duct, it meets the highest standards of performance required especially in certified Casa Clima® construction specifications. It is particularly suitable in high-noise areas (for example in the city centre), and wherever good insulation from heat or cold is necessary.