Easy Plus

Blockboard doors

The Easy Plus series refers to an extremely simple, basic and with modern and classic design range of models, in which the linearity of the doors matches the quality and the compactness of the wood boarded with solid wood.

Structure: Wood-coated blockboard
Woods: Tanganyika walnut
Italian walnut
Standard finishes: Honey colouring
Finishings on request: Natural
Dark walnut
Antique-finish walnut
Lacquered open pore
Jamb: R10 / R50 / R90 / R2000F
Architrave: Flat interlocking with flap
Convex interlocking with flap
Openings: Single hinged door
Double hinged door
Sliding on wall
Recessed sliding
Glazed hole: Standard, 3+3 white satin finish

Modelli e finiture