Where we are

Radici Enzo S.r.l.
via Malignani 3
Premariacco (UD) - Italy
tel. +39 0432 720114
fax +39 0432 720412
e-mail: info@radiciserramenti.com
Technical assistance: assistenza@radiciserramenti.com
Spilimbergo (PN)
Via Ponte Roitero, 1
mob. +39 346 82 50 140 / +39 328 85 60 520
mob. +39 328 85 60 520
Street directions
> Udine Sud exit
Take the highway in the direction of Manzano. At Buttrio, at the traffic lights turn left and proceed towards Premariacco. Once at the suburb of Orsaria, take the Artisan Area of ​​Paderno (Via Malignani).
> Udine Nord exit
When you have reached Tavagnacco, proceed on the new highway that leads to Salt di Povoletto. When at Povoletto take the state highway towards Cividale. At the end of the road turn right in the direction of Premariacco. Proceed towards Buttrio until reaching Premariacco. Turn right at the traffic lights and take the Artisan Area of ​​Paderno (Via Malignani).
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