Warranty and maintenance

Doors and windows are durable goods that must ensure optimum performance and operation for several years.

In addition to this, windows and doors must meet requirements made mandatory by laws and regulations that set the features thereof. It is therefore of fundamental importance that the company is able to directly ensure the quality and that it is able to certify the performance thereof.

That is why Radici® constantly invests, improving its fixtures and obtaining the most coveted certifications available, in order to guarantee the safety of a high quality product, keeping pace with the most demanding market requirements.

Radici® doors and windows are laboratory tested, always reaching the highest standards. Moreover, the company is periodically submitted to an audit by specialised external agencies, for the maintenance of ISO certification, certifying the reliability, quality and continuity of the production system.

Radici® has obtained the EC mark, that guarantees the customer the purchase of a quality product, such as the one displayed at all points of sale and explained by the sales staff. The exterior doors and windows have obtained certification of resistance to the strongest winds (UNI EN 13659 and UNI EN 12210), low air permeability (UNI EN 12207), excellent water sealing, even in extreme weather conditions (UNI EN 12208).

All tested products have fully passed the tests, carried out at the CERT Institute of Treviso Tecnologia, and meet the most stringent standards in terms of energy efficiency, thus allowing obtaining all benefits by law.