Wall mounted window and door fixtures

he use of large windows is increasingly gaining ground.
Contemporary architecture and the desire for light that transmits energy to those who "live" an environment is a contributing factor. Perfect air-tight windows with resistant glazing.

It is probably due to a certain type of architecture with a rational taste in form and with strong sensitivity to the environment, but in recent years the desire and demand for large windows has grown.

The reasons are several: in houses there is a widespread presence of living spaces and large sized rooms that need more light; the window is considered a neutral filter between inside and outside which allows dialogue with the context that surrounds us, a privileged look on the world, be it the garden green, the horizon or the city itself. A large window makes the environment appear more spacious, it does not make us feel closed, as they say, within the walls of the house. It also applies to the office: light helps work better, it is an ergonomic factor.

Before making this important decision, however, the designer assesses some elements such as the aesthetic relationship with the entire construction and observance of proportions, the local climate, the need for specific lighting for a type of room and its destination. A person usually spends a lot of time of the day in the living area, living room and kitchen.

Clearly a large window here will perfectly play its function, even though wall mounted fixtures are gaining ground even in bedrooms, ideal for children's and kids rooms that are used for homework and study.

And yet, the assessment will also include the relationship between the room size and "light opening": a window or a French door must be sized at least 1/8 with respect to the size of the room according to what is laid down in the regulations for habitability.

If privacy and security - through the use of anti-break through and anti burglary glazing closures - are still key points that a fixture must guarantee, "panoramic" windows with the most advanced Radici® technology combine these aspects with aesthetics and functionality, through the production of windows and doors with various types of opening, preferring sliding ones.

Diffused and direct light of the large openings are also an advantage for energy savings because during the day the lighting conditions will always be good and where too much light must be attenuated, Radici® equips its models with a full set of Hella® branded accessories, that manufactures high technological products supplied with fixtures: shading for verandas and interiors, shading for facades, awnings, sunshades and venetian blinds in addition to mosquito screens and controls for automation.

Radici® also offers other shading and dimming solutions such as traditional roller blinds, shading blinds with adjustable louvers and ScreenLine® venetian blinds inside the double glazing.

For an illuminated and rational choice.

Radici® relies on the Hella® brand solutions to complete its fixtures at the best.