Replacement of windows and doors

When it comes to energy efficiency, we only look to new buildings, forgetting that, in the case of older buildings, energy improvement is often overlooked.
A major source of heat loss, that plagues our buildings, is the poor quality of the fixtures, which are decisive for good heat preservation.

Just think of how a simple "draft", considered annoying in autumn, can make the same window in the winter much less approachable, when the temperature drops considerably due to the winter weather.

In recent years Radici® has specialised its technical teams, in charge of the replacement of existing windows and doors, without masonry and without creating discomfort to those living in the house. In this way facades, windowsills, upholstery or tiles will not be damaged during the replacement of fixtures, and the installation of new windows is clean and fast.

Installation of new windows is carried out in a short time and without masonry works and the house is innovated aesthetically, thermally and acoustically. Immediately the customer can perceive the best climate of its home and enjoy the change of quality of life, thanks to new Radici® energy efficient windows and doors.

Below are the different operation phases for the replacement of fixtures in a penthouse in the Centre of Udine.