Radici and Casaclima

Casaclima is synonymous with the tangible commitment for the development of high energy efficiency building works and environmental sustainability and Radici® supports the project since it has always been mindful of the needs of the environment and the high performance development of building works, which is a consequence of market dynamics, needs of customers and healthy lifestyle.


With constant study in the thermal and acoustic field, Radici® has managed to impose its doors and windows even in buildings with low energy consumption and certified CasaClima®. Radici® in fact, already with its Euro Clima Light fixture and the performance features of this product, can provide CasaClima® constructions certified A, B and C.

For the most demanding customers Radici® offers even higher performance fixtures with Euroclima 81 and Top Euroclima 92.

All cost estimates delivered report the technical data of each fixture and sales staff will be able to recommend the Radici® production model that best suits the needs of each Customer.

The staff at Radici® was trained with technical refresher courses and by participating in the CasaClima® courses for artisans, guaranteeing adequate preparation and support to the Client and the Professional in the company and in the pipeline during the constructive decisions stage and installation of windows and doors.
CASACLIMA® is all about commitment in the development of an energy-efficient and environmental sustainability building typology. And Radici® has supported this commitment as it has always been sensitive to the needs of the environment and to high performance development of constructions, a result of market dynamics, customer needs and healthy living.

For further information visit the ClimateHouse web site.