Changing promises into certainties: this is the mission embodied in the mindset, habit, way of working of the company Radici Srl.

The organisation of all the phases, coordination of human resources and maintenance of quality standards promised to the Customer, appear indistinctly as fundamental principles of wooden window frames and doors designed and produced by Radici Srl.

Enzo Radici, with hard work, perseverance, and not without difficulty, in fact managed to pass on a Germanic cast of mind to his children and corporate employees, that is to say a way to consider work and the very particular Customer, all characterised by high quality without too many compromises.

Absolute professionalism, respect of delivery times, high expertise in the pre- and post-sales phase: these are all peculiarities owned and guaranteed by the Radici Srl staff. Each wooden window, each wooden door, and hence fixtures and shutters are imbued with a unique history that has its specific origin in a sincere and heartfelt passion for woodworking.