"Here I learned what it really means to work with passion, professionalism and commitment to the world of wood"

This is how Enzo Radici - founder and current President of Radici® - remembers his long period of apprenticeship as a window fitter in Germany.
After returning to Italy in 1972 - with much gratitude towards this great Bavarian company, where humbleness and commitment were taught and rewarded - Enzo Radici starts from the bottom, and more precisely from the basement of his home in Friuli.
High quality craftsmanship wooden windows and doors, made with great care and skill: this was Enzo's production target and this is what he did and continues to do even today, in the modern production plant (with a show-room) in Premariacco.
"It was not easy at the beginning: we started from the new industrial area of ​ Premariacco with only 500 square metres of area and then, with great patience and tireless work, we have come to today's 6000 square metres", continues the Founder.
It is 1980, however, that sees the most significant breakthrough for Radici®: the offer range to the client narrows abandoning the home furniture world focusing all energy, skills and financial investments on the design and continuous search for increasingly better wooden windows and doors.
Wooden shutters, doors and entrance doors, fixtures slowly become the life for Enzo Radici's children too: since 1988 Maurizio takes care of the technical part, the design and the construction site measurements, while Tania in 1997 began to focus her attention on administration, sales and marketing.
The President Enzo keeps the reins of the Radici® firm overseeing the production branch and, above all, the search for the best raw materials.