Acoustic Insulation

A matter of well-being and new regulations. The approach in thinking the fixture that must meet precise criteria for the quality of the building and comfort of people changes. Starting from soundproofing materials to the design of the window system.

It is only in recent years that, be it residential and destined to offices, greater importance is given to the concept of sound insulation in designing a building.

In both situations it is in fact important to ensure peace and concentration which are possible in an environment, certainly not soundproofed, but free from noise pollution, an optimum situation that depends on different factors that together create a system.

The negative consequences that prolonged and continuous exposure to bothersome noises, at home or work, can have on a person's health, have led the legislator to proceed on the matter.

In Italy there is therefore a legal reference: law 447 of October 26, 1995, to which a series of implementing decrees followed that together establish the parameters of "acceptable" noise in connection with an intensity scale that ranges from 1 to 130, real threshold of pain. Just think that sleep disorders can result already from 70 dB emitted by a television with medium volume, 77 dB from a car that runs at 100 km/h at 7.5 metres.

While it is true that noise pollution is the result of multiple items (treading in a room, transmission through walls, for example) and is not caused by all the same noises, windows have the lead role in creating the barrier to noise pollution that comes from outside and with a much greater effect on the quality of comfort.

Anyone who is going to buy a house or is planning a renovation is today much more sensitive towards this aspect.

As a result of its philosophy, Radici® has always produced fixtures that guarantee maximum soundproofing performance: a matter of attention to the continuous updating of regulations but also of sensitivity and listening to the demands of designers, companies, individuals.

The window's ability to respect the established criteria depends on how it is produced (with check at all stages of production) and on the proper selection of materials that must, inherently, have a sound insulation power. Wood among all, that for this reason is the protagonist of Radici® models. And in addition equipment with glazing consisting of two different sheets of glass, a heavier one and a more elastic one, and appropriate gaskets. To contrast noise and make peacefulness win.